Coffee Talk: The Co-worker Invite


This Month's coffee talk is something that is quite personal to me-whether or not to invite co-workers to your wedding.
This question was posed a few months back by one of my brides, while I was assisting her with her guest list. Now since it turned out that she worked at a fairly small office, she was able to accommodate having all of them, which made her totally happy to do so.
Now most people think that it must be all or none when it comes to the co-worker invites, but you should never feel obligated to invite those you do not feel comfortable sharing your personal life with-especially when it comes to your wedding day.
If you can fit them into your budget, and it's a no-brainer to add them on, than the more the merrier!
The issue arises, when you start to feel like you need to cut corners (or other worse other guests) in order to fit them in.
While the rule of thumb while on a budget is; it's better to cut your guest list down to a sizable amount so that you can be sure each guest that attends is adequately taken care of, there are a few options on how to solve the co-worker dilemma.
If you work for a larger firm or office, you can try to narrow it down to just your immediate peers or your own department.
Doing an A and B list can also work effectively if it is done correctly, and can still keep you within budget.

From my own personal perspective, when my husband and I were planning our guest list, we both worked for larger companies. In order to prevent our guest list from becoming too crazy, we decided on inviting only those that we would consider a "personal friend" and not just a co-worker.
These were the people who we shared our life with outside of work and socialized with. We decided that anyone who we had over to dinner at our place, or had gone out to dinner with, would be invited.
This made sense to us. We felt like we were including our friends and not just people we regularly emailed or randomly said "good morning" to while grabbing a coffee at break.

Different circumstances may come into play on whether you can accommodate everyone from the office besides just budget; you might have to fill a certain capacity for your venue if there is a guest minimum, you might have friends and family that are unable to travel to join you, or you might have a small family and would like to have more guests to share in your day.

Often times, people aren't really that offended if they don't make the cut-they are even sometimes a bit relieved at not having to put out the extra cash to get a gift, new outfit etc.
My advice is to invite only the ones you can still see in your life years down the road.
You will never regret it.
How are you planning on handling the "office list"? Did you go for everyone or no one? Or did you skim your list to include only certain co-workers? I'd love to hear what you have to say, so leave a comment and share your thoughts!
Have a terrific day!

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{The Classy Woman} said...

For our wedding, I had one close girlfriend and her hubby as it pertains to colleagues. I wasn't interested in sharing my wedding day with my office. Since I knew I was moving out of the country once arriving home from our honeymoon, it made it an easy decision. I knew I wouldn't see my colleagues after that point.

Great post topic! Funny enough, I had a 60 person minimum with my venue and our wedding was 55 people so I could have actually had a few extra, since I wound up paying for them anyway. ;)


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